Friday, 15 August 2014

The Larder Dance

Let larders dance in the Summer
Let them spoil under Sun
As flesh fights weight's sweet encumber
In largesse: Those takings won
Be wary not, of Autumns beginning
brazen with your monuments on sand
as thinking not was in the winning
creeping changes are at hand,

For never has a tyrant slept
Safely without one eye prying
Safely while the widows wept
Safely while the babes were dying

Sightless - To the fêted Gold
As bite returns to willing rain
Larders empty, the last is sold
Dead the chaff, in the feign
Dine you will on mockingbirds trim
Scorch out morality as your own
But at Winters turn; the hungry win
and succour moves with Summer's throne



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