Monday, 4 August 2014

Sidhe’s Love

Amour through fae lit dark, a sweet pretence
Where tender notes flutter amidst the breeze
Her spoor’s enchant to coax frail innocence
Invite Sidhe wiles to lure and willing seize
So pursue wild freedom and sate desire 
Relish the dance, caper with candour’s flame 
Cede prescience and bask in nymphs shy pyre 
Extol the chase, the certainty of shame 
You beg sortie, crave shriek, still pray then hope 
To grab, desire, rouse fear or effect pain 
For though base lust stirs men, no shades elope 
Their passions felt, subside like passing rain. 
Heed well the cost capricious sprites deem just 
Sidhe’s love molests the heart’s of men till dust

Sidhe [Shee]: A Celtic Irish antecedent to Christian lore, the fae, fairy.

Spoor: A creatures track or trail.

© Caleb Chatfield and SeekingSinecure


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